We're Oli and Steph, we're married (to each other) , and   live  in Bedfordshire, UK in our  drafty  Georgian house  with our two rescue pups Luna, Shackleton  and our grumpy chameleon Cucumber .

We're passionate about environmental issues and try to live   sustainably.  We  love experimenting with plant based food,  and both work on conservation issues as much as we can. 


We love being in the outdoors; walking the pups, wildlife watching (Steph's a professional    bird nerd    and Oli is a bad botanist), climbing mountains, wild camping, travelling everywhere, and taking pictures of all of the above.  

When inside we're  usually playing boardgames together  (our faves right now are Scythe and Wingspan). Oli  was a chef for 10 years so cooking vegan/veggie food for family is a top hobby. We're  still working on the perfect vegan ice-cream but we've    nailed homemade hummus (it’s all about the dried chickpeas)

We like to say we don’t watch much TV… but that’s a lie! Netflix is our go to, and we just    binged watched Stranger Things. On the BBC, Killing Eve, Peaky Blinders and of course anything by Sir David A are our top picks.  

Three random things about Oli:

1.   I go to Antarctica pretty much every year and have been a chef,  guide, photographer and a fieldworker. I met Steph  down there where she was studying penguins. I don’t like the cold.

2.  I’m mad for conservation and have spent time counting lots of different animals including puffins, albatrosses and turtles. This helps save them. I’m told...

3.  I used to work in a Thai boxing gym in Thailand- when I get into things I commit! Now I like going to my local gym and running with the dogs.

Three random things about Steph:

1.   I     spent almost three    years living on a little island in the     Antarctic studying albatross, and penguins.  For 8 months there were only four     of us (don't worry though I've got my social skills back!)

2.   As well as being a photographer I'm a conservationist for the RSPB trying to save albatross from extinction

3.   I once waved a rubber squid in David Attenborough's face... ask me about it and I can explain! 

We know how special eloping  is having done it ourselves almost two years ago. 


We eloped in an albatross colony in Hawaii and got rained on, but there were rainbows! Yes that is an albatross above our heads!  

Oli and steph are brilliant wedding photographers. If you're thinking about booking them...

do it!! You won't regret it.

Sarah + Neil

The pups