In November 2019 we had a three week adventure visiting Taiwan and Japan. For Steph it was a business trip, she had meetings with the governments there promoting albatross conservation. For me though it was a chance to explore two countries I'd never been to before and after a few days of getting annoyed at trying to take photos in the typical tourist spots (read horrendously crowded) I struck out to try and find some spots to do street photography without all of the other tourists.

Things we discovered

- Baseball is huge! People play it in the street

- Vending machines are on every street corner AND you can get a hot coffee from them!

-Grab machines where you can *win* cuddly toys are massive, but are rigged so you can't win

-People sleep on the tube a lot

-Everyone is really polite to each other, and there is a lot of bowing going on

-Neon is everywhere

-The toilets are insane! (no photos sadly)

-Outside of the tourist neighbourhoods you can find some relatively quiet places in Tokyo

Here are a few shots to give a flavour of the things we saw- I haven't finished editing yet so there may be a Part 2 at some point.

Japan we love you!