Ten things you’ll regret not doing on your wedding day

1. Only inviting who you want at your wedding- there can be feelings of huge pressure, especially from family, for you to invite great uncle Bob, and Rosemary who used to babysit you when you were little. Remember though, this is YOUR wedding and YOU get the final decision on who to invite. Save money and only have the people you love there.

2. Spending enough time with your spouse- your wedding day will go by in a flash and there will be so many people to talk to, that you might find yourself barely speaking to your new spouse. One way to counteract this is to have a second couple shoot at sunset- and then you have the double win of quality time together on your wedding day, and some killer golden hour sunset shots (if the sun plays ball).

3. Getting awesome food- let’s face it we’ve all been to a lot of weddings and eaten the same chicken breast, beef or salmon, and for the veggies amongst us risotto… It doesn’t have to be that way though, there are so many alternative options these days. Why not have sourdough pizza, fajitas or burgers? It will likely save you money and people will probably enjoy it more.

4. Saving money on favours- no matter how long you lovingly spend gluing ribbons onto candles, wedding favours are often just left behind on the tables. By the end of dinner your guests will have have been drinking all day and will be keen to get on the dance floor. Remembering where they put the fridge magnet with your wedding date on is not going to be a priority for them. The best favours can be eaten or drank, that way they aren’t wasted and who doesn't love a shot or some chocolate?

5. Having a couple shoot- some wedding photographers don’t do a couple shoot, or maybe you feel like it isn’t necessary. We would really recommend you think again and choose a wedding photographer who can get you some amazing shots of just the two of you. They don’t have to be posed, and you can just walk together and have ten minutes away from everyone else to soak up the feeling of being just married. It’s seriously worth it just for that.

6. Wearing comfy shoes- or at least having some to change into. We know, you might have been dreaming of those skyscraper heels to match your wedding dress for years, but after 10 hours in them, they might be a nightmare. If your dress is long then no-one will see your shoes anyway, but if the heels are a must, make sure there are some flats ready for dancing.

7. Getting that kickass band you love- music and food are the two most important elements for your guests, so if you love a band, then go for it and hire them. Yes, it’s expensive but when you think about how much they will get each, it’s pretty reasonable, and a good band makes a wedding party go off!

8. Getting some photos with your family- if you’re lucky enough to still have your parents around then make sure your photographer captures some nice portraits of you together. After the wedding all that is left are the photos and having professional photos with your mum and dad is pretty special.

9. Having an “unplugged ceremony”- the wedding ceremony is one of the most important 30 minutes of your lives. Everyone you care about has made the effort to travel to be with you and witness it. BUT it will lessen your guests experience if they watch the ceremony through a screen, rather than being fully present, and it ruins your professional photos. Just say no to phones until after the ceremony. All our couple that do this always say how glad they were they did.

10. Hiring a photographer who will stay late into the evening- most wedding photographers have got the engine running just after the first dance, and you will get no photos of the last four hours of your wedding. A lot can and does happen in those hours, which you'll miss out on if you don't get a photographer who stays late. Evening entertainment like a silent disco, and your epic outdoor lighting could be just blurry phone shots if your photographer has already gone home by nightfall. We make a point of never leaving the party until it's over,

So there’s our “top 10 things you’ll regret not doing on your wedding day”. We hope you found them interesting, we know from personal experience that planning a wedding is a minefield!

Please write us a comment if you agree/disagree, or think there is anything else we should add. Happy wedding planning!